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2004 // 8 mins // Super 16mm
Director: Peter Templeman

When a robbery goes wrong teenager Gavin runs, leaving his best mate to be beaten then sentenced to a detention centre. Gavin tries to repair their shattered friendship, but soon realises he needs more than visiting hours to restore his mate's trust.

Grand Jury Winner, Best Narrative Short
Best Film & Best Director
Best Film
Best Film & Best Director
Best Film & Best Actor
Best Film & Best Director
Best Film
Audience Favorite
3rd Place

Slamdance Film Festival 2005
St Kilda Film Festival 2005
Drifting Clouds Film Festival (NZ) 2005
Fitzroy Shorts Finals 2005
In The Bin Short Film Festival 2005
Falls Creek Film Festival 2005
Snowyfest 2004
Harvest Film Festival 2006
In the Realm of the Senses 2006

Nashville Film Festival
Cinequest Film Festival
In The Realm of the Senses
Harvest Film Festival

21st International Short Film Festival Berlin
Uppsala Short Film Festival
HatcHfest Film Festival
Temecula Valley Film Festival
Drifting Clouds Film Festival
St Kilda Film Festival
Slamdance Film Festival
Next Reel Film Festival
Revelation Film Festival
In The Bin Film Festival
Falls Creek Film Festival
Fitzroy Shorts

Brief Encounters
Cine Vis Cinema
Canberra Short Film Festival
Homebrewed Film Festival
Shorts Film Festival Adelaide
Bondi Short Film Festival
Snowyfest Film Festival

Guard Duncan


Lindsay Farris
Adrian Auld
John Batchelor
James Caitlin
Paul Kent

Directed by
Produced by
Written by
Director of Photography 
Production Designer
Sound Designer
Music Score

Peter Templeman 
Stuart Parkyn 
Ian Irvine 
Callan Green
James Croke 
Paul Hurrell 
Matthew Walker 
Matteo Zingales

(c) 2004 Australian Film Television and Radio School.
Filmed at Sydney, NSW, Australia.