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2003 // 6 mins // Digibeta
Director: Tahnee McGuire

Blandville Court, a Sydney housing estate built in the 1960s, stands high on a hill in Gladesville. Once inside the building kindness, loneliness, humour, colour and eccentricity abound in the stories of its elderly residents. Their passions and beliefs build another structure, the structure that has supported them through their lives. 

Best Documentary
Best Documentary
Best Film
Winner Screensound Award
Highly Commended

St Kilda Film Festival 2005
In The Bin Short Film Festival 2005
Bondi Short Film Festival 2004
Fitzroy Shorts July 2005
AFTRS Graduation 2004
Falls Creek Film Festival 2005

18th Seagate Foyle Film Festival
1st Int Documentary Film Festival
St Kilda Film Festival
Homebrewed Film Festival
In The Bin Film Festival
Falls Creek Film Festival
Fitzroy Shorts

Bondi Short Film Festival

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Director of Photography
Sound Designer
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Tahnee McGuire
Stuart Parkyn
Callan Green
Matt Walker
Matteo Zingales
James Bagley
Max Crawford

(c) 2003 Australian Film Television and Radio School.
Filmed at Sydney, NSW, Australia.